Unified Cyber Security Platform

Based on Open Source

Cybon’s cyber security solutions are unified around open source technologies to improve your defences and accelerate detection and protection.

Expert Support to Enhance Your
Cyber Defences

From installing, configuring and optimization to launch and ongoing support, discover our services to enhance your organisation’s cyber resilience.  

Accelerate your Cyber Resilience

Enhance your cyber security capabilities and empower innovation with our open-source talent.

Architect Your Solutions

Our cyber solutions architects zero in on your technology, operations, and strategic challenges to get an in-depth understanding of your business. From there, we design a strategic roadmap to guide your results-oriented cyber soluitons.

Commitment to Project Success

Rely on our project manager, security engineer and analyst ensure your cyber project is a success. In addition, we can provide ongoing support, training and sourcing to allow your team to continue building impactful security solutions and innovating.

Accelerate Your Security

Supported by our team take your cyber resilience to the next level. This process lays the foundation for a more efficient, cost-effective and resilient business that can meet demands at scale.

How It Works

1. Simulation

Exercise an attack simulation to test security controls.

2. Ingestion

Collect telemetry from environments by integrating with assets and security technologies.

3. Analytics

Group alerts by common attributes to create high-fidelity cases

4. Investigation

Validate cases and raise incidents for security team.

5. Response

Accelerate incident response by automating threat management through NAC.

A Turnkey Solution for Cyber Security by Cybon

Cybon provides everything your organisation needs to identify, detect and protect.

High-Fidelity Telemetry

To achieve deeper threat visibility and enhance decision-making, Cybon supports the integration of network and endpoint telemetry from a wide range of log sources.

Best-in-Class Cyber Security Tools

Cybon's approach to technology selection means that our cyber open-source tools deliver the best security outcomes for your organisation.

Rapid Service Deployment

Due to a streamlined onboarding process, Cybon can be protection your organisation within a matter of weeks and easily scales up in line with future operational needs.

Full-Service Offering

Work with us familiar with enterprise deployments and can provide you with a full-service offering from installing to maintenance of our cyber platform solutions.

Scenario-Based Testing

In order to continually enhance threat visibility and coverage of adversarial tactics, Cybon's offensive security experts conduct simulated attacks aligned to testing frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK.

Best Total Cost of Ownership

Cut your spending by 40% to 100% by using our open-source software solutions and liberating yourself from expensive licensing fees.

Cyber Platform Approach


Events observed
A turnkey technology stack collects and analyses security events across your environment and generates alerts.


Alerts generated
Alerts are ingested where they are enriched with the latest threat intelligence and analysed.


Incidents investigated
Security alerts are raised as security incidents and automated response actions help quickly contain and disrupt incidents.