Security Monitoring

Analyse security logs to detect cyber-attacks in infancy and respond to them before they cause damage and disruption.
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Do you detect attacks as they occur against your environment?

How confident are you about your current detection capability? Although you’ve implemented some detection tools (e.g. IDS, Honeypot, …), you’re not sure how effectively you detect actual attacks … Do you have the right people to detect security incidents as they occur? What kind of threat intelligence should you procure? 
If something happens, how do you respond? You would like to move beyond traditional signature-based detection and want to involve a team of experts that can hunt adversaries in your network.

Why Security Monitoring?

Analyse Data from all Sources

Analyse security data to detect intrusions, threats and behavioural anomalies to enable the creation of security alerts, trends and reports.

Correlate Security Events

Pivot between related logs and traces to quickly dive into the root cause of problems and to identify threat patterns.

Intrusion Detection

Monitor systems looking for malware, rootkits and suspicious anomalies and rule-based analysis for indicators of compromise.

File Integrity

Protect critical files and alert on malware-related registry changes, improper access of confidential files, and theft of sensitive data.

Automate Detecting and Alerting on Malicious Behaviour

Correlate and investigate threats with pre-built playbooks, including automatic root-cause analysis, alerting, automation and MITRE ATT&CK mapping.

Detection Through Deception

Set up honeypot and mimic the actual targets of the cyber-attacks to be able to lure the attackers.

Ask Questions about Operating Systems

Query operating systems like a database, providing visibility into infrastructure and operating systems and helping with vulnerability detection, compliance monitoring, incident investigations etc.

Manipulate Data to Answer Questions

Perform common data manipulation, transformation, deobfuscation and extraction techniques using security data in order to become a better investigator.

Eliminate The Noise

Identify and filter out easily unneeded data on the fly with self-service tools.

Security Event Prioritization

Quickly determine which events are most critical and which are lower priority with a solution that has easy to use controls that can be adjusted.

Combine Related Events Into Unified Incidents

Investigate security events from multiple native detection sources into incidents to visualize and escalate issues to the appropriate security analysts.

Automate Threat-Based Response on Network Access Control

Get identity management working with security monitoring for isolation of problematic devices and users.

Why Cybon Security Platform Services?