Log Management

Collect, normalize and aggregate log data to deliver efficient data access and management.
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Do you know what's happening in your IT environment?

Building a detection capability is a daunting task for many organizations. Some of the typical questions that come up: What kind of logs should you keep? How long should you retain them?
To find the latest threats, security teams need increased visibility across their networks, including areas not covered by other tools currently in their security stack. Yet they struggle to see the full context of unusual network behaviour that’s required to adequately monitor and defend their businesses against new, unknown potential attacks

Why Log Management?

Centralize Log Management

Collect all log data by integrating with entire network and present it for analysis via a single pane of glass.

Get Insights for Structured and Unstructured Logs

Turn unstructured data into a valuable asset by parsing, transforming and enriching logs and every technology stack irrespective of source.

Scalable Log Management

Manage access to your log data with granular controls that can be scoped to fit your organization’s structures and roles.

Store and Search

Store your data for lightning-fast search, fine‑tuned relevancy and powerful analytics that scale with ease.

Distributed Deployment

High scalability and performance to handle more traffic or log storage for your data logs.

Compliance Obligation

Being compliant with GDPR, PCI DSS or any other regulation requires a log management that has automated and scheduled reports and is continuously logging without loss.

Why Cybon Security Platform Services?