Attack Simulation

Enhance cyber resilience with trackable and repeatable attack simulations and validate the effectiveness of your detection and protection controls.

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Have you tested your defense?

Penetration tests on individual systems or applications are helpful in looking for weak points in these specific components. However, a single penetration test does not give you any information about the security situation of the entire company. Audits and certifications are primarily aimed at governance and compliance but beyond theory, they do not guarantee resilience to an actual attack. To minimize the risk of serious breaches and demonstrate assurance, testing the performance of your controls on a regular basis is now considered vital.

Why Attack Simulation?

Test the Effectiveness of Security Controls

A focus on objective-based testing demonstrates the effectiveness of your security controls and incident response processes.

Test Your Response to Targeted Attacks

An attack simulation exercise allows your organization to test your security team against the threats posing the risk to your organization.

Evaluate Your Maturity Level

Measure your organization’s cybersecurity maturity level by evaluating it across the phases of the MITRE ATT&CK® framework and visualize threat coverage and visibility.

An Adversary Attack Overview

Documented proof of how a targeted attacker could penetrate your network and compromise sensitive assets, and/or documentation showing what defensive capabilities succeeded in preventing the simulated attack.

Recommendations for Improvement

An analysis of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses to help you prioritize future investments and provide recommendations on how to further mature your cybersecurity.

Analysis and Observations

The opportunity to meet with the Cybon team and discuss your organization’s detection and response capabilities during the targeted attack emulation.

Why Cybon Security Platform Services?