Threat Hunting

Proactively identify the unknown threats which evade your organisation’s defences.

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What is cyber threat hunting?

Cyber threat hunting is the process of proactively searching across networks and endpoints to identify threats that evade security controls. Using a combination of manual and machine assisted techniques, threat hunters search for indicators of compromise (IOCs) across an organisation’s IT environments.

By hunting for evidence that a breach has occurred, threat hunting enables security teams to identify unknown threats and respond quickly and effectively to them before they cause damage and disruption.

Why Threat Hunting?

Proactive Threat Defense

Use custom or more focused out-of-the-box hunting queries to search for indicators of attack, indicators of compromise, or MITRE ATT&CK behavioral indicators.

Eliminate Security Risks

Proactively search for suspicious or malicious endpoint behavior. Discover cyberthreats before they disrupt your IT infrastructure.

Gain Deep Visibility Across Endpoints

Identify stealthy attacks with real-time and correlated endpoint data. Easily query and pivot across large volumes of telemetry for thorough analysis.

Automate Cyber Processes

Automate SOC processes with event correlations and threat context and automated hunting rules. Correlate multiple MITRE detections to the same threat activity chain to reduce manual investigation times and alert fatigue.

Why Cybon Security Platform Services?